"Coming in Hot" was a favorite saying for Matthew.  He would say it all the time when riding up to a group of his brothers. However, this wasn't just a saying, this was an attitude that Matthew applied to his everyday life.  It means that he gave his all to what was important to him - his wife - his kids - his mom - his work - and his brotherhood.  If Matthew loved you, he loved you with all of his heart, not just little love, but big love.

Matthew was born on May 18, 1971 in Tupelo, Mississippi and passed away on November 14, 2013 in Wylie, Texas. He is survived by:  his wife, Tiffany Strickland - his children, Alexis Cummings, Treyson Strickland, and Makenna Strickland - his parents, Carolyn Mooney, James Markham, and Jill Markham - and his siblings, Mike Strickland and James Markham.

Matthew attended Bridgewater State College and Northeastern University which prepared him for a career in information technology and network security at employers such as Stream International, Microsoft, and McAfee.  In the spirit of "coming in hot", Matthew excelled at all positions he held.  A testimony to Matthew's drive comes from a previous coworker at McAfee, "Matthew is a 'scary-smart' guy, and extremely talented manager. Working with him and his teams over the years has inspired me, because of the level of service and commitment that they provide to their customers. Matthew attacks his day and the tasks at hand, and expects everyone working with him to dive in with all their skill and energy."  Matthew's career skills have been recognized by many and he has been instrumental in the development of many.  He simply made anyone that he was around, better at what they did.  His energy was contagious.

Matthew attacked many passions, but his first as a working adult was freemasonry - and guess what - he "came in hot!"  Matthew joined the Garland Lodge and quickly engaged and eventually became the Lodge's Worshipful Master.  He also joined another body of freemasonry known as the Scottish Rite.  It was here that Matthew excelled and eventually became the youngest 33rd degree mason at that time.  This honor is not given lightly.  Only through selfless commitment over a long period of time does this opportunity arise.  Matthew didn't love little, he loved big - and he loved the search for more light in freemasonry.

Along with Matthew's insatiable desire for more light, came a desire for a different dimension of brotherhood - the type of brotherhood that is up close and personal - a motorcycle club.  Matthew sought out the Dirty Bastards Motorcycle Club in McKinney, Texas in hopes of one day becoming a patch member.  This too must be earned though commitment of time, effort, and respect; something that was right up his alley. Once again, Matthew was "coming in hot."  After many selfless months, Matthew made patch and became Dirty Bastard Razor.  This was a happy day for all of them as they were finally able to call this man their brother.

Then there's the girl that melted Matthew's heart and took his breath.  It wasn't long after Matthew met Tiffany that he knew this was the girl for him forever.  After a passionate courtship and their forming of a best friendship, Matthew and Tiffany blended their families together.  Their union brought them and their children together - filling gaps that existed, with love and happiness.  The type of husband Matthew was is best described by Tiffany's dad, James Markham.  He has said that Tiffany never had to open the passenger door of their truck, because he always treated her like a princess.  This wasn't just during their courtship phase - this was until the day he passed.  Mr. Markham loves to tell people, "You know, she didn't just meet the man of her dreams, I met the man of my dreams for my daughter!"

Matthew lived each day to its fullest.  He touched many lives and even if your time knowing him was short, knowing him for a little while trumps never knowing him at all.  Matthew, you are missed very much.  There is no doubt that you've found some worthy endeavor to engage in, while spending time with the Great Architect of the Universe, and you have decided once again, that it's time to "come in hot."

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